Interactive platform for global health management, which allows citizens around the world to retrieve, access and classify their health data as well as to benefit from complementary, targeted, interactive and personalized services.

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Our development axes

Make easier the healthcare pathway

Digitize health data to allow better mobility and accessibility of information.

Connect all health workers

Improve the health network by enabling all health actors to better interconnect in order to better meet patients' needs.

Generate savings

Effectively reorganize the care pathway in order to avoid, in particular, redundant examinations.

Promote medical research

Permettre aux utilisateurs de partager leurs données médicales de façon anonyme et avec leur accord pour aider les équipes de recherche.

5P Medicine

Preventive, Predictive, Participatory, Personalized and Precise. Enable individuals to use their information to improve their health and the care they receive.


Empower patients to be partners in their own health with digital tools.