For whom?

Users / Patients
Families / Children

Instant access to personal and family health data. Secure and universal sharing. To be an actor in your health. Better communication and coordination between physicians and patients.

Healthcare professionnals
medical and paramedical

Secure plug-link that sends reports, exams, results instantly to the patient's PassCare. Time saving: accessible and complete up-to-date information. First waiting room in line.

Insurance and mutuals

Loyalty, offers companies, interactive support for prevention and health management programs, personalizing the relationship and communication with the insured through a health passport

Companies and large groups

Interactive support for prevention and health management programs, CSR approach, assistance in managing the health of employees, ideal for employees who travel, support in managing occupational medicine files. Follow-up, quality of life, burnout, stress and health at work.

Pharmacies and groups

Loyalty and a connected patient journey beyond the simple delivery of medication. Dematerialized, certified and non-falsifiable prescriptions. Pharmaceutical interviews and pharma-consultation.

States and Communities

Global vision of public health for States (national mapping of diseases, prevention, information campaigns, etc.). Universal health coverage at controlled costs. Health management tool for communities in a committed, responsible and supportive approach to a healthy future.

And you ?