New technologies allowing you to manage your health worldwide

The patient is at the heart of our concern

A concept

Healthcare pathway's digital transformation. Digitization and intelligent reorganization of the healthcare pathway with a transversal vision. The use of the digital and the new tech in a puclic health savings vision.

A network

In just a few months, our community has grown to more than 70,000 registrants, healthcare professionals and patients. Our publications are viewed by over 900,000 people, with statistics to back them up. On social networks, we now have the leading international and interactive group in e-Health.

A universal calling

Facebook has brought together the social world, Uber has brought together the transport world, LinkedIn has brought together the professional world, InnovHealth will bring together the world of health. We have a new, global and transversal vision based on patients for the futur of healthcare systems worldwide

Our objectives

Make predictive, participative, preventive, personnalized and precise medecine

Make easier the healthcare pathway

The gathering of all medical specialties and paramedical staff is allowing a effective management of the heathcare data.

Connect the healthcare's actors

Our present and future projects are all thought to allow to your healthcare actors to interconnect in order to have a better answer to your needs.

Generate savings

Thanks to an efficient reorganization of the healthcare pathway in order to prevent the medical test's redundancy

Promote medical research

By accepting to share anonymously your medical data, you are allowing the research teams do get a large amount of datas. They are the primary basis to establish efficient research systems for tomorrow.

Create a digital healthcare passeport

Named PassCare, we would like to federate people around a common goals: upgrade the healthcare system, facilitate the access to care, develop a collaborative resarch and build a solidarity healthcare network.

Develop the first solidarity healthcare socialnetwork

We want to create an international cooperation based on citizens. We have a participative vision for you to contribute to the access to care for the most destitute peoiple. Become a Patients Sans Frontières too !

Our correspondant

Come and meet our InnovHealth Family !

Our rewards

Public prize

Best start-up of the year 2016

ENGIE - Paris La Défense

Health Public Prize

Innovation challenge New Health

Awarded by the Dr. Jacques Lucas

Vice President of the National Order of Physician Doctors

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