HealthCare accessibility requires information accessibility

Solutions to self-manage healthcare


Specialized in new digital technologies of structuring and sharing health data, InnovHealth Group enables users to self-manage their health care by giving them a secure access to their medical and paramedical information

Users can share their health datawith health professionals everywhere in the world. InnovHealth Group ambition is to create a new participative and collaborative era of artificial intelligence with a healthcare blockchain.

Through InnovHealth’s global interactive platform Users can, also, manage their domestic animals' health


  • To use information and communications technologies in healthcare;

  • To accompany the digital transformation process of the user's healthcare track;

  • To promote a participative, personalised, predictive, preventive and accurate medicine

  • Help a largest number of individuals to access the new e-health technology


  • Trust and confidence

      InnovHealth Group guarantees the security of user's data via a private blockchain

  • Universality

      InnovHealth Group aims to enable users around the world to collect, understand and use their personal health data.

  • local

      InnovHealth Group proposes an interactive services. It promotes the local medicine in order to facilitate the health care access


Enable easier healthcare pathway

With better transmission of information by data digitizing

To connect all healthcare professionals

By improving communication and interaction among healthcare professionals

Increase cost-effectiveness

By optimising healthcare track and avoiding repetition of some medical examinations

Promote medical research

By enabling users to securely share their health data in an anonymous way.

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Public prize

Best start-up of the year 2016

ENGIE - Paris La Défense

Public Health Prize

Innovation challenge New Health

Awarded by the Dr. Jacques Lucas

Vice President of the National Order of Physician Doctors

Public Prize

Best start-up of the year

Engie- Paris


Delivered by the Vice President of CNOM, Innovation Challenge New Health

City of Science - Paris

EY PriZe 2018

Best innovation of the year

Ernst & Young - Paris


Winner of the 15th edition Boss Grain, sponsored by the Ministry of Economy with the support of

Group M6