Collaborative Artificial Intelligence & Private Blockchain in the Hands of Citizens for a Better Healthcare Worldwide

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Solutions to be an actor in your health


InnovHealth's objective is for patients to become actors in their own health, thanks to new digital technologies. InnovHealth is developing a digital health passport for patients connected to an interactive platform for communication and secure sharing of real-life medical information so that they can control the overall management of their health and benefit from a prevention tool.


  • Develop a platform adapted to citizens so that they can have all their health data, taking into account the digital transformation of healthcare systems.

  • Enter the 21st century with what new digital technologies can bring to bring about the emergence of participatory, personalized, predictive, preventive and precise medicine.

  • Create a new participatory era in Artificial Intelligence and Healthy Blockchain by empowering all citizens everywhere.

  • Humanize these new technologies and make them useful and easily accessible in the hands of the greatest number of people.


  • Trust and confidence

      InnovHealth ensures the security of patient medical data through a proprietary asymmetric cryptography model linked to a hybrid private blockchain in a consortium.

  • Universality

      InnovHealth wants to enable all citizens of the world to have the opportunity to collect, understand and use their personal data, under their control and for their own purposes.

  • Proximity

      InnovHealth offers interactive services with dynamic graphics to benefit from community-based medicine and meet the challenges of access to care.

Our development axes

Make easier the healthcare pathway

Digitize health data to allow better mobility and accessibility of information.

Connect all health workers

Improve the health network by enabling all health actors to better interconnect in order to better meet patients' needs.

Generate savings

Effectively reorganize the care pathway in order to avoid, in particular, redundant examinations.

Promote medical research

Allow users to share their medical data anonymously and with their consent to help research teams.

5P Medicine

Preventive, Predictive, Participatory, Personalized and Precise. Enable individuals to use their information to improve their health and the care they receive.


Empower patients to be partners in their own health with digital tools.

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Public prize

Best start-up of the year 2016

ENGIE - Paris La Défense

Public Health Prize

Innovation challenge New Health

Awarded by the Dr. Jacques Lucas

Vice President of the National Order of Physician Doctors

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